Services offered by Thomas Grillo
 NOTE: ALL services are suspended indefinitely for medical procedures.

By booking a lesson, concert, lecture, or collaboration, agent / collaborator / student agrees to the below stated policy.

Fees, and policies effective as of Q3, 2016 - until further notice.

All fees to be made via PayPal are as follows:

$1000 for up to 2 hours concert (out of Mississippi)
$500 for up to 2 hours (inside Mississippi)

$500 for up to 1 hour appearance/lecture and Q&A (no performance)

$125 Collaboration: 1 track of theremin
(in my local studio)

$350 Collaboration: 1 track of theremin
(away from my local studio, and does not include travel/lodging/food/expenses.)

$1000 per minute of original motion picture scoring.

ESPE01 module installatin discontinued, due to worsening vision. :( 
Please visit the Ethermagic site to order module at:

$35 for a 1 hour theremin lesson via skype.
(Temporarily discontinued)
Please consult the world clock prior to arranging a live skype lesson. I'm in central U.S. (G-6 hours).
Lesson fee is refundable up to 1 day prior to lesson.
Contact me prior to skype contact add request.

Show / lecture booking party aggrees to cover
air, sea, and ground transport, hotel, food, and per diem.
Show / lecture fees to be paid half upon booking.
Show / lecture fee refundable until 2 weeks prior
to date of performance. No exceptions.
Studio collaborators aggree to pay in advance.
Studio work requiring travel is subject to policy.
Booking party is responsible for sound, lighting, security, power,
publicity, and proper cover from weather. (NO OUTSIDE PERFORMANCES)

Booking party / collaborators
are also subject to, and aggree to the below policy:

Thomas Grillo ABSOLUTELY WILL NOT knowingly perform covers to copyrighted works known to still be under copyright without written permission AND proof of licensures FROM the copyright owner! No exceptions!

Thomas Grillo will NOT participate in any collaborations which involve profanity, violence, nudity, vulgarity, or hate. Thomas Grillo reserves right to cancel without notice, and will not issue refunds if booking party / collaborator / student is found to be in
violation of these policies.

Please arrange for me to arrive at least 2 days prior to performance and or reharsal start date
in case of missed, or delayed flight, and allow for jet lag.
DO NOT  book busses! (most unreliable).

I am legally blind, and CAN NOT drive.
Ground transportation between
airport / hotel / and venue is required.