About Thereminist Thomas Grillo

I have been playing the theremin since 2006.
I've also been playing, and teaching the theremin professionally since about 2008.
In this time, I have also provided music for several indie films, as well as collaborating, and performing with various musicians.

I also give lectures, and provide live lessons via skype. Please see the services page for more information regarding my services in detail.

I generally perform to recordings of my original accompaniment, as well as recordings of classical music, and or music known to be in public domain (written prior to 1924).

I compose my own music in a modern style which sounds a little like a mix of light jazz, light rock, and country, as well as new age. I also perform classical works by various composers. Please see below for examples presented in some of my videos.

My other musical experiences include performing with opera, and barbershop choruses such as Biloxi Opera Theater in the late 1970s, The Magnolia Chorus, starting in the mid 1980s, as well as the Mississippi Opera Chorus, and Jackson Choral Society in the mid 2000s.

I majored in music at Hinds Community College in the 1980s.

Classical (Rachmaninoff)

This video provides an example of how I play classical music with the theremin. Here, I play Vocalise by Rachmaninoff.

Light rock (original)

This video features an original light rock style of composition I call Requiem for Theremin, from my album, Secret Agents from the Id.
It's accompaniment was produced on an ipad app called Chordbot. The melody is played on theremin.

New age

This video demonstrates the "new age" style, as seen in this original composition called Alto Volo. The accompaniment was performed on Hammond Novachord by Dan Wilson.

Theremin Lecture

In this video, I demonstrate the lecture side of me in a video called Theremin Lesson One. Not to be confused with my DVD, Theremin Lessons with Thomas Grillo, which is far more indepth.

Lecture and performance highlights

In this video, I highlight a live performance in which I gave a lecture with a mix of various genres of music, some of which are my own original compositions.

Radio interview

In this video, I was interviewed by Mississippi Public Broadcasting's radio programme, Mississippi Arts Hour. There is only audio. It was a "radio" show, you know...